school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A stairway to heaven?

If it were possible could there be a better way to climb up into the skies on one of the echiums which are now almost at their best in the school garden.  Adorned with bright blue flowers and covered in bees

This bee could be a species of Cuckoo-bee as there are no visible pollen pouches on the hind legs. A little more investigation is required. 

The flowering Bird Cherry trees are at their best now

Goldfinchs on the Nyjer seed

Work was done in the fern bed and a lot of the green algae was removed from the pond. Hopefully over a few days most of this dreadful stuff will be cleared.  A fine male Broad-bodied chaser was spotted defending the pond as he darted around at speed resting briefly on the bamboo canes placed especially for photographic purposes

Broad-bodied Chaser

Azure Damselfly recently hatched and resting on pond vegetation
Red Mason Bee excavation in the potato patch
In the World war 2 garden Red Mason Bees have moved in!  The earthed up ridges on the potato plants have provided an artificial nesting face for these bees.  You can just make out the small excavation hole in the photograph.

With young Robins and recently fledged Great Tits about the garden was noisy with young birds clamouring for food. In the nest box though things were a little quieter as the young are a long way from leaving yet. We hope that the weather will be a little kinder this week to give the parents a chance to find food

Robin looking down from the pergola for food
You can just spot two very small chicks!

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