school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Summer weather goes on......

The echium plants  continue to amaze and have even more flowers now as they fill out. The plants are still growing and look fantastic.  Plant architecture at its' best.  They grow wild like this on the Canary Islands.A variety on Tenerife has bright red flowers

A new plant has been sourced for the greenhouse although it actually likes a slightly cooler environment.  This magnificent Monkey Cup pitcher plant can be viewed in the greenhouse for the present but it may have to be moved if things get too hot

Over the past week the warmer weather has spurred a lot of plants into action.

The runner beans finally get moving

Our resident scarecrow is doing  well and keeping the pigeons away from the lettuce plants. Smaller scarecrows have strangely appeared in the guttering alongside the greenhouse and are also keeping the pigeons away from the lettuce seedlings.

In the pond things continue to respond to the warmer weather.  On Saturday it seemed that Azure Damselfly nymphs were queuing up to get out of the pond and start life on the wing.

Empty Azure Damselfly nymph cases lined up on one leaf
The last picture was taken by our young weekend entomologist whose sharp eye misses nothing.

The Blue Tits survived the few wet days and hopefully the chicks will be ringed this week before they fledge.

In the Willow classroom a pair of Collared Doves have built a nest and the female is sitting on eggs. Despite having put their nest in a rather precarious and vulnerable spot the female is becoming very tolerant to disturbance.  We like tolerance. 

Tolerance is not peace,
But from tolerance,
In the near or distant future,
Peace may blossom.
If I cannot have compassion-power,
Let me have forgiveness-power.
If I cannot have forgiveness-power,
Let me have tolerance-power.
If I cannot have tolerance-power,
Let me at least delay
My judgement-power.
-Swami Chinmoy

The female Collared Dove sitting tight on the nest

After our last plea things have started moving in the class beds. This wonderful decorated flower pot has appeared.  Hopefully the start of things to come.  Well done Class  4P for leading the field!

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