school garden

school garden

Monday, 24 June 2013

Recent wildlife activity

Sunning itself on one of the Jerusalem Artichoke leaves the other morning was this delightful micro moth.  It is called Pammene regiana. Quite fittingly the artichokes are growing under a sycamore tree.  The larvae from this moth live just under the bark of sycamore and clearly this one had pupated and hatched and appeared right where it should have - in close proximity to a sycamore tree

Pammene regiana

Galls have appeared on some of the willow leaves. Either a sawfly or a midge- it is thought that this gall is of the midge variety.  Possibly  it is Iteomyia major.  However not being experts we are open to constructive comment. If it is the midge then in each of the cupsules is a small midge larva which hatches out from the underside of the leaf.  Willow/Salix is prone to attack from many of these gall forming species

The leaf galls
The Collared Dove chicks are growing fast and should fledge at the end of this week.  The chicks were ringed with an individually numbered BTO bird ring which will give these birds a history if they are recovered elsewhere

The two Collared Dove chicks

We have put aside one of the bird nesting boxes in the hope that we can attract the Tree Bumblebee. This species is spreading rapidly across England and has been seen in Dorset in Bridport, Puddletown and Poole so there is no reason why it should occur in Weymouth.  Moss has been put into the nest box in the hope of attracting them.  This picture is from the internet. It is a very handsome bumblebee

We are trialing  a new type of Sweet Pea this year. It is called Tutankamen Blue.  The flowers are small and delicate are of the most amazing blue.  Hopefully they will last till the end of July for the NGS open days

Sweet Pea- Tutankamen Blue

Our first Painted Lady butterfly was seen at the end of last week. A sign of hopefully better and warmer weather to come.  

The Garden Open Day brought many visitors to our varied beds and habitats.  We had a lot of positive and good comments. The few pictures below were taken prior to 'opening time'.  The day raised just under £200 for the garden funds.

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